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Uniform Shop

Wearing school uniform demonstrates pride in our school and students are expected to wear a uniform. A hat is a vital part of the uniform and is compulsory during Terms 1 and 4. It is also a style that promotes sun safety when playing. Hats are provided to Kindergarten students (or newly enrolled students). If lost or damaged, replacement hats can be purchased at the school office.

Our uniform consists of:

  • School top or polo
  • School bucket hat
  • Black track pants or shorts
  • School dress or winter pinafore
  • School polar fleece or rugby top
  • Wet weather jacket (optional)
  • Sturdy shoes suitable for physical activities

Students are NOT to wear:

  • Make-up, nail polish or jewellery
  • Plain / branded clothing (students will be required to exchange these clothes for school uniform items at the office).
  • Uniforms can be purchased through the school office, with a take home lay-by option also available. A small range of second-hand uniforms are also available for purchase.