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3 June 2022

Newsletter Articles

From the Principal….

Week 5 Term 2

Waverley Primary has been a very busy place over the last three weeks, with a range of class activities, outdoor learning, sporting opportunities, celebrations and School Associations initiatives taking place. Enjoy the following news and reports.


Recently we held a morning tea to thank our wonderful support staff at Waverley Primary. We are extremely fortunate to have a group of dedicated and professional staff who do so many things to assist teachers and students, and we thank our Teacher Assistants, Education Facility Attendants, Support Specialists and Office Staff for all they do. This week we have a focus on our Specialist Staff.


This year National Simultaneous Storytime (NSS) took place on Wednesday 25 May at 11:00am. All students from K-6 participated in this event, joining an estimated million other students from across Australia. NSS is in its 22nd year and it aims to promote the value of reading and literacy, using an Australian children's book that explores age-appropriate themes and addresses key learning areas of the National Curriculum for Foundation to Year 6.

Josh Pyke is a much-loved Australian singer/songwriter, known for his unique and wonderful storytelling and lyricism. Josh has created many bestselling albums, won four ARIA awards, and has also written several stories for children.


On election day we held a cake stall as a School Association Fundraiser. A small but dedicated and enthusiastic team cooked a range of cakes, slices and biscuits. Thank you to Kassia Imer, Kimberley Mead and Kristy Gordon who generously gave so much of their time to support our school. Thanks also to those who volunteered on the day – Toni Bland, Kristy Gordon, Carolyne Paton, Amanda Chugg, Belinda Towns and particularly Kassia Imer who manned the stall all day and gained many signatures for our Waverley Lake Playground petition. There was a very cheery and friendly atmosphere around our stall!


Recently, Mrs Sarah Read returned to school to visit her class and we surprised her with a special assembly, presenting her with some items, flowers and a memory book composed by students. Mrs Read has asked that we publish the following letter:

Dear Waverley Students, Parents and Staff,
Thank you so very much for the farewell assembly you held for me last week. It was a big surprise and I absolutely love the “Memory Book” you have all made for me. Very special indeed!
Thank you also to all the students and parents who came to my classroom to say “Goodbye”. I was overwhelmed by how many made a special effort to come and see me, the kind words that were spoken, the hugs given and the wonderful presents that I received. Totally unexpected and amazing. What a wonderful school Waverley is!
It has been a very tough time and saying “Goodbye” was very difficult. However, it filled my heart to see how many people I have made special memories with.
Thank you all very much. I miss you already.

Mrs Read


Last Friday our school team participated in the LSSSA Cross Country Carnival. The team represented our school with pride and enthusiasm. There were a number of personal highlights such as Kiara and Eboni gaining second places and Alex finishing in third place in their events. Overall, Waverley came fourth in our division – a wonderful achievement. Well done team!


Premier’s Reading Challenge

CONGRATULATIONS to all those taking part in this year’s Premier’s Reading Challenge.

It is wonderful to see so many names already up on our Award Belts in the corridor.

Let’s see if we can have every student achieve our goal of 10 BOOKS IN 10 WEEKS


It has been wonderful that classes our now able to start our excursion program again. Over the last few weeks a number of classes have been out and about.


On 24th of May, Kinder excitedly took the bus to travel to Wild Space at St Giles.

The weather was kind to us and the sun was shining down all morning. There were many opportunities to explore, create and connect to nature.

In the mud kitchen and sand area the children were busy working cooperatively on a 3-course menu consisting of coffee, pasta, chocolate cake and ice cream.

The tunnels, stepping logs, balance ropes, bridges and slide allowed the child to extend their gross motor skills.

Children used watering cans and jugs to water the many plants growing in the garden. We identified berries, wildflowers and herbs.

Over at the music making station there was lots of hitting of pots, pans and steel pipes with sticks found in the garden.

We shared an opportunity to have morning tea together before playing imaginative games amongst the bushes and trees.

Overall, a wonderful excursion and we can’t wait until our next one.


On 19th May, Grade 5/6D visited Tamar Island as part of their work in HASS on wetlands. We looked at invertebrates, fish and native animals that live in and around the wetlands. We also discussed why wetlands are so important for the environment.


Inter school Grade 5/6 sport has also recommenced. This term our students are playing hockey and soccer.


The Kitchen Garden team have been very busy, taking steps to use the funds from our grant. Last week, Nick Hansson joined the group to assist in emptying and removing the tyres in readiness for our new tiered garden beds. It was tough work, but students showed resilience and perseverance in completing the task.


A focus for our school this term is to review the Zones of Regulation. This is a curriculum which teaches students to recognise and regulate their emotions. It is challenging for students to learn when they are feeling angry, upset or frustrated. The Zones of Regulation divides emotions into four zones:

Blue Zone describes low states of alertness such as feeling sad, tired, sick or bored. This is when the mind and/or body is moving slowly or sluggishly.

Green zone describes a calm, regulated stage. Feelings may be described as happy, calm or focussed. This is the ideal zone for learning and socialising.

Yellow Zone is a heightened state and a person may feel stress, frustration, anxiety, nervousness or confusion.

Red Zone describes a very heightened state of alertness. Feelings include anger, rage, panic, terror or elation. When in the red zone a person does not feel in control.

Everyone experiences these zones at different times and, while the Green zone is the best one for learning, no zone is considered a bad or ‘naughty’ one. Our students are learning to recognise which zone they are in and to manage their behaviour while being in each zone. Other topics include class check ins, identifying triggers and developing personal tools to assist regulation.

More information will be sent home in the following weeks. Please talk to your child/ren about the ‘zones’ and the work they are doing in this area.

A few things to remember……

School Starting time is 8:30am


Wednesday – fortnightly (students and staff only at this stage)

Student Absences

Advise via phone 6339 1455 or

sms 0400 967 396

Ice Cream Sales


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Orders to be in by 9am each Tuesday

Upcoming Events

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Friday 24th June

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Term Dates for 2022

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Wednesday 9th February - Wednesday 13th April

Term 2

Monday 2nd May - Friday 8th July

Term 3

Tuesday 26th July – Friday 30th September

Term 4

Monday 17th October – Wednesday 21st December

Stars of the Newsletter


In Kinder, the children have been engaging in a range of experiences that relate to different Mathematical concepts.

In Number: We have been focusing on counting numbers 1-5 with one-to-one correspondence. One-to-one correspondence is the ability to count objects reliably, one at a time, and give a total value to answer the question ‘How many?’. We have been practising this every day through a range of hands-on experiences. We have been counting buttons, beads, teddy bears, fruit, blocks and even each other. This week, we used attribute apples and plates with numbers written on them. Children identified the number on the plate by saying the number out loud and then counted out the apples to the number value.

In Patterning: we have been discussing that a pattern repeats itself. It could be colours, objects, or things we notice in everyday life. Patterns are all around us. We started copying 2-part patterns using unifix blocks as Mrs Salter created them, then we moved onto creating our own 2- part patterns. Mrs Salter explained to Kinder that a 2-part pattern was called an AB pattern because 2 colours or objects continually repeat themselves. Once we were confident with AB patterns, Mrs Salter introduced us to 3-part patterns. The children picked these up very quickly and were creating ABC, ABA, AAB and ABB in no time. Mrs Ewart and Mrs Salter were super impressed.

Kinder continue to blow us away with how eager they are to learn, and we are very proud of them.

Merit Certificates

At our assembly on Wednesday 25th May, the following students received merit certificates. Well done everyone.






For being a wonderful helper in all aspects of our classroom day


For increasing his input and interest in group discussions



For always trying his best when tasks are challenging


For being a great role model for other students



For applying himself towards improving his reading skills


For encouraging improvement with his reading skills

2/3 READ


For persevering with learning tasks even when they were challenging


For persevering with learning tasks even when they were challenging



For settling in well to a new school with new routines


For excellent effort and concentration in phonics sessions



For achieving 91% in a HASS test


For achieving 100% in a HASS test



For such an awesome start to term 2, work focused and helpful


For consistently completing work tasks quickly and quietly

School Association

On Monday evening we held our School Association Annual General Meeting. Our committee for 2022/23 is:

Chairperson: James Bland
Secretary: Jaki Atkins
Treasurer: Bec Ainslie
Vice Chair: Jacinta Sturdy
Staff Rep: Carolyne Paton
Community Representative: Jacinta Sturdy
Parent Representatives:
Vanessa Jonas
Kassia Imer
Kimberley Mead
Toni Bland
Michaela Hughes

We welcome new committee members and look forward to working together to support our school.

Ice Cream Sales

Our Grade 6 Leaders will be selling ice creams and icy poles again each Monday on the deck outside the Art Room this term.

Ice creams can be purchased for $1.50 and icy poles for $1.00.

Getting to Know ……….

We are very fortunate to have a number of support staff here at Waverley. Below are the roles they perform to support our students and staff:


Chelsea Feldmeier is our School Psychologist. School Psychologists are Registered Psychologists who support students in schools with their learning, behaviour, and emotional wellbeing. School Psychologists provide a range of services for students including assessment of behaviour and learning, therapy and counselling, and providing recommendations to support students in the classroom. Chelsea works at Waverley Primary School on Wednesdays.


Alison Gardner is our Speech and Language Pathologist. Speech and Language Pathologists are university trained specialists who assess and treat students with communication and swallowing difficulties. Speech and Language Pathologists work with students, parents, class teachers, support teachers, and teacher assistants to help students participate at school and achieve their educational goals.

Speech Pathologists work with students who:

  • Are difficult to understand and/or have difficulty saying particular sounds (e.g. k, sh, f)
  • Have difficulty understanding language (e.g. following instructions, understanding questions)
  • Stutter (repeat sounds or words or get stuck on words when talking)
  • Have difficulty eating or drinking
  • Have complex communication needs

Speech and Language Pathologists provide support through individual and group therapy, home programs, Teacher Assistant programs and individualised class programs.


I’m Lauren the School Social Worker.

I have worked across a number of schools and community sites and feel very fortunate to work in this community to support our young people.

I am a mum, with a beautiful four year old son, and proud mum of two dogs, Eddie and Lucy.

I pride myself on being friendly, approachable and I am here to support your child/children across a range of areas including learning support; mental health, grief and loss; sexuality; personal safety and wellbeing; bullying; conflict resolution; and school attendance.

I am available every Tuesday, and look forward to working in partnership with your family to improve outcomes for your child/children.

Best Wishes, Lauren.


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and let you know a bit more about my role as School Chaplain at Waverley Primary School. My name is Louise Nash, I am a former Primary School teacher and have worked with children for over 20 years in many different capacities. While fairly new to Waverley, I have been a chaplain for 8 years.

As School Chaplain I am a part of the Wellbeing team to provide care and support for the students at WPS. I work Mondays and Fridays and am always available to talk to students about any worries or challenges they may be having. I also work with children in a small group capacity, facilitating groups addressing self-esteem, friendship building, grief and loss or anxiety. These groups involve discussions, strategies, games and craft to assist and equip the children in their social and emotional learning.

I have loved being a part of Waverley Primary School and have enjoyed getting to know your children over the past year.


Hello K-2 Families,

Thank you to all those families that have started reading at home and recording each night’s book. Your child is well on their way to receiving some great prizes. The book you read can be your child’s home reader, a chapter book or even your child’s favourite picture book. The important things to remember are that Reading to your child can be a lot of fun and Reading to your child everyday supports early literacy learning.

Check out the Great Start website - Learning in Families Together for more information.

Here are the Prep/One children from Miss Green’s class engaging in some fun Literacy activities to support their reading.

Lunch Orders

Lunch orders are on a Wednesday, with order forms available from classroom teachers and the main office. If you would like to place an order please ensure forms are returned to school by Tuesday 9:00am each week.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is available every morning for students to pop in and grab some warm milo, toast or cereal to start the day. All children are welcome. Please ensure they go straight to Breakfast Club when they arrive at school. A small coin donation would be much appreciated.

Milo Club

CatholicCare are here after school on a Thursday with Milo and activities for students to enjoy.

Electronic Newsletters

A reminder that we have moved to electronic distribution of our school newsletter. If you would like a paper copy to be sent home with your child, please register your name with the school office.