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1 July 2022

Newsletter Articles

From the Principal….

Week 9 Term 2


This week families have been involved in our Student-Led Conversations, which has given the opportunity for students to share their learning goals and progress with families. Thank you to all those who have participated. Our children love sharing their achievements.


Every four years, schools in Tasmania take part in a review, which assists in supporting schools to focus on school improvement and student outcomes. Our review will take place next term on August 17 and 18. More information is provided in this newsletter.


Over the last fortnight, our Year 3, 4 and 5 students have participated in the Swimming and Water Safety Program at the Grammar pool. Students have approached this program with enthusiasm and resilience. The opportunity to work with skilled instructors has been very valuable and the level of skill development has been exciting, with some very pleasing individual results.


As a school, we were very sad to hear the news of the YMCA closing. This organisation has supported our school in many ways, particularly in their assistance of our basketball teams over the last two years. On our final basketball night, students presented some chocolates and a thank you card in appreciation for all their help.


Every school day counts

Getting kids to school isn’t always easy. But being at school is the best place for our kids.

If your child is unwell, they need to stay home. But if your child is well enough to attend school, they should be at school. Every day, Monday to Friday.

Reality of missing school

Data shows us that regular school attendance is one of the best things a child can do to set them up for success. But if they don’t attend, things get harder for them.

Let’s do the maths:

  • If your child misses even just one day a fortnight, that adds up to 20 days of the school year. That’s the same as missing four whole weeks of school!
  • If they miss one day a week, that doubles to eight weeks of school they’ll never get back.
  • Over the course of their childhood, that equals two and a half years of vital education they’ll never receive…

We mean it, every school day counts. It all adds up.

Bright futures begin at school

The data also tells us something else: the better a child’s attendance rate, the better off they’ll be. Their future will be filled with more opportunities.

School is where they learn and grow alongside their friends, and where they benefit the most. Going to school not only promotes academic success, but also helps build important social skills, relationships and confidence.

Good attendance habits in primary school lead to good attendance habits in high school. This will help expand your child’s options even further as they grow older.

Watch this video to see the benefits of going to school.

It’s ok if you need help

If you’re struggling to get your child to school, help is available. Please talk to us at school about your situation. We’ll support you, in whatever way we can.


This week, we received the exciting news that we were successful in gaining a grant to refurbish the Grade 5/6 deck, which will hopefully also involve some re-roofing and an extension of part of the area.


This term, Waverley Primary has had the opportunity to participate in AFL activities in an after school program. This program formed part of a Connect Sport Government grant, submitted by Mrs Paton. AFL Tasmania organised all the events, including the chance to train at Invermay Park. Mrs Paton reports that the students had a great time and were a credit to the school in the way they conducted themselves.


As part of their wonderful support , our School Association has ordered sports tops for students to wear when participating in inter-school sport or representing our school at any event. These sun safe tops look very smart and will further promote school identity and pride.

The association are also investigating the possibility of holding our Carols event again this year. To do this, we will require parent volunteers to form a committee and to commit to supporting the event. Please look out for more information, which will be sent out on Monday.

Our annual Father’s Day still will be held on Tuesday 30th and Wednesday 31st August. All students will have the opportunity to attend the stall with their class to purchase a gift for their Dad, Grandfather or significant person in their life. More information will follow closer to the stall date.


We are extremely lucky for all the support our students receive from The Smith Family. One of the programs we have engaged with this term has been Future Seekers. This program, for Grade 5 students, explores the strengths and interests of students in the context of skills required for the 21st century workplace. On Tuesday, our students participated in the final session. Thank you to Brooke Ralston who has facilitated this program with our students.


As part of our work on the Zones of Regulation, students have discussed strategies to help them feel calm, especially when in the yellow zone.

Here are some of the ‘tools’ that students use:

When Beau is feeling like he is getting angry or off task he listens to music for approximately 5 minutes, and finds he is ready to get back on with his tasks.

When Lachlan is feeling out of sorts, distracted or angry he likes to do some mindful colouring in to regulate himself.

When I’m in the yellow zone I like to play with the lego to calm down.

Shooting hoops for 7 – 10 minutes helps me clear my mind.

Chase chooses to use the six sided breathing activity.

Rubbing his back helps Cam to calm down.

When in the Yellow zone, Daniel uses his fidget toys.

When in the Blue or Red zone, Hunter spends 5 minutes on the beanbag to reset.

As next week is our last week of term, I would like to wish everyone a safe, restful and enjoyable holiday.


A few things to remember……

School Starting time is 8:30am


Wednesday – fortnightly (students and staff only at this stage)

Student Absences

Advise via phone 6339 1455 or

sms 0400 967 396

Ice Cream Sales


Recess Sales




Orders to be in by 9am each Tuesday

Upcoming Events

Thursday 7th July

3/4/5 Webster Excursion

Friday 8th July

Snag and Chat

Friday 8th July

Last Day Term 2

Tuesday 26th July

First Day Term 3

Thursday 28th July

Little Steps Excursion

Wednesday 3rd August – Thursday 4th August

Bright Sparks Program

Wednesday 10th August

Terrapin Puppet Theatre Performance

Tuesday 23rd August – Friday 26th August

Book Week – Dreaming with Eyes Open

Tuesday 6th September

Bravehearts Performance

Wednesday 7th September – Tuesday 13th September

Fissure Sealant Program

Friday 30th September

Last Day Term 3

Term Dates for 2022

Term 1

Wednesday 9th February - Wednesday 13th April

Term 2

Monday 2nd May - Friday 8th July

Term 3

Tuesday 26th July – Friday 30th September

Term 4

Monday 17th October – Wednesday 21st December

Stars of the Newsletter

In Grade 5/6 Desantis, we have been learning about bacteria and micro-organisms. We studied yeast and how it activates with sugar and warm water. We designed an experiment to grow our own mould. Some of the colours of the mould were green, blue and yellow.

Merit Certificates

At our assembly on Wednesday 8th June, the following students received merit certificates. Well done everyone.






For engaging in routines. Always being happy and laughing


For always trying his best in all learning experiences



For his excellent effort during guided reading


For his excellent progress in guided reading



For trying hard to imp[rove his writing skills


For trying harder with his writing tasks

2/3 READ


For aspiring to always do her best in Mathletics


For aspiring to always do his best in Mathletics



For doing a great job in practising multiple subtraction strategies


For doing a great job in practising multiple subtraction strategies



For displaying a positive attitude towards all learning experiences with Mrs Brown


For embracing change and positively contributing to all learning experiences with Mrs Brown



For consistently trying to make great choices in the classroom


For working hard on his social goals in class and art

At our assembly on Wednesday 22nd June, the following students received merit certificates. Well done everyone.






For constantly trying her best in all classroom activities


For being a kind and caring friend



For working towards her goal for listening and making good choices


For his excellent progress with his reading



For his consistent efforts towards Home Reading


For persevering with her writing tasks

2/3 READ


For his settled start back and being resilient with tasks


For excellent contributions to our Science learning



For excellent effort and respect shown to teachers at swimming


For a consistent display of respect in all situation and effort across all work areas



For showing a keen interest in learning about micro-organisms and bacteria in Science


For showing a keen interest in learning about micro-organisms and bacteria in Science



For awesome work on his poetry and in gaining confidence


For a great contribution to class discussions

Getting to Know ……….

Each newsletter we will feature a profile of a staff member. In this edition we hear from our EFA’s.


Although we are a small school in terms of numbers here at Waverley Primary, our buildings and grounds are extensive and to keep them clean, tidy and well maintained is no small job. This task is ably undertaken by our EFAs Gabby Anderson and Nick Ainslie.

Thank you Gabby and Nick for all you do.



I'm Gabby, as everyone knows me. I enjoy being part of Waverley Primary as an EFA. My job consists of making sure the school is presented well, clean, and tidy to everyone's needs. One of my tasks is to coordinate the breakfast club.

I have been fortunate enough to travel and I have lived in Melbourne and Western Australia. My hobbies include motor bike riding, camping, gardening and driving my V8.


G'day, my name Nick. I am the groundsman at Waverley Primary School. I am the “spanners and fixit guy” at the school. I enjoy my position as I love to be outdoors working and also love repairing and maintaining things around the school and keeping the place tidy so everyone can enjoy the lovely outdoor spaces.

My hobbies include four-wheel driving, both on and off-road motorbike riding and touring, bushwalking in remote parts of Tasmania, driving my V8 muscle car, spending good times with my family and building engines for muscle cars and hot rods in my spare time.

Fissure Sealant Program 2022

Oral Health Services Tasmania will be returning to Waverley Primary School to deliver the Fissure Sealant Program again this year. The program will run from 7th – 13th September. Students in Kindergarten – grade 2 and grade 6 will be sent home forms closer to the date to be completed and returned.

Flu Shot

Book your flu shot!

Don’t let the flu go viral

It hasn’t been out and about much lately, but the risk of flu is here. Keep yourself and your children safe by booking your flu shots today.

The Tasmanian Government are running free community vaccination clinics. Or get in touch with your GP or local pharmacy.

It’s recommended for everyone over six months of age. It’s also free for people at higher risk including children aged six months to five years.

For more information, please visit the Department of Health website.

Ice Cream Sales

Our Grade 6 Leaders will be selling ice creams and icy poles again each Monday on the deck outside the Art Room this term.

Ice creams can be purchased for $1.50 and icy poles for $1.00.

Lunch Orders

Lunch orders are on a Wednesday, with order forms available from classroom teachers and the main office. If you would like to place an order please ensure forms are returned to school by Tuesday 9:00am each week.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club is available every morning for students to pop in and grab some warm milo, toast or cereal to start the day. All children are welcome. Please ensure they go straight to Breakfast Club when they arrive at school. A small coin donation would be much appreciated.

Milo Club

CatholicCare are here after school on a Thursday with Milo and activities for students to enjoy.

Electronic Newletters

A reminder that we have moved to electronic distribution of our school newsletter. If you would like a paper copy to be sent home with your child, please register your name with the school office.